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Flying Interviews

Usually, when I go on client-candidate visit, I try to turn it into a long weekend so that I can get a feel for the environment and to have an element of enjoyment. At the moment, we are so busy that I could only afford a day’s time.

I went to Madrid to conduct two candidate interviews. It seems incredible that it takes a whole day to do what was essentially three hours work but there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting.

As we met at the nearest Regus offices – only twenty minutes from the airport – the only thing that I can really tell you about Spain is to describe Madrid Airport.


The airport is absolutely enormous and it takes a long time to walk from the entrance to whichever terminal you require, whilst taking in the unusual architecture. There are lots of shops but, unusually for me, I could not find anything that I wanted to buy. The day however, was worthwhile as I met with two excellent candidates.


Register for Actuarial Jobs in Spain

Actuarial Yoga


Our current advert invites you to register with us for more challenging positions. There are two types of these available: for actuarial positions register at where a wide variety of actuarial opportunities are available.

If you want more advice on being bendy then we reccomend the Everything Yoga blog which offers these tips for staying happy and comfortable when travelling.

  • Hydrating
  • Packing my bag full of goodies that bring me pleasure — books, aromatherapy, healthy snacks, a comfy wrap, my iPod, etc.
  • Leaving for the airport with plenty of time to spare — I don’t mind getting to the airport early. I simply use the time to catch up on reading or thanks to my nifty phone, I catch up on email.
  • Stretch — take breaks in the airport and on the plane to stretch. Seated stretches on the airplane are my favorite!
  • Smile and be open — I’ve met some wonderful folks during flights and at airports.
  • Keeping it simple — I pack light and I plan my travel outfit according to the airport security restrictions (I wear little jewlery and slip on shoes)

We hope that these tips help to ensure that actuaries as well as Actuarial Skills Travel Well.

If you are interested in navigating the actuarial world then please get in touch and register for international vacancies.