Monthly Archives: November 2009

Flying to Finland

I am very excited because I am flying to Finland tomorrow morning. A client wanted to see me on Monday morning and said that if I came early they would entertain me on Sunday evening. I have always wanted to go to Helsinki and tend to grab opportunities with both hands so I’m turning it into a long weekend. Watch this space for updates on my trip.

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Networking in Scotland: Breakfast and Dining Clubs

I am in Edinburgh ahead of the GAAPS Actuarial Careers Fair at Heriot Watt. I interviewed an excellent candidate first thing this morning over breakfast and am now working on placing him. I then went to visit a client who has given me international contacts for his organisation around the world.

As usual I have found time for shopping but rather than shoes I am now one skirt up.

At this morning’s meeting I was told about a Faculty meeting that I hadn’t realised was taking place and will now be attending the Faculty meeting and the Scottish actuaries dining club afterwards.

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