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GAAPS @ Imperial College – Careers Fair November 2011

Dear Friends,

We feel very proud to once again sponsor Imperial Colleges Actuarial Careers Fair.

As always the event was excellent and the evening itself saw people queuing outside to get in, with the talks on international actuarial recruitment offering standing space only (and even that spilled out of the auditorium!)

Geraldine as usual was very insightful on the evening, giving useful tips to students about how to approach the actuarial profession and, of course, actuarial recruiters!

Special thanks of course go to Imperial College and all the people who organized this magical event.

When it comes to class, Imperial College cannot be faulted. Great atmosphere, nice people, floods of wine and more sushi down town Tokyo!

After all these years in the business we have to admit it’s still touching meeting students who wish to embark on an actuarial career. Their eyes are full of hope and their expression full of curiosity; for our consultants there is nothing more exciting than answering the many questions they ask regarding the profession.

So, don’t give up people, being an Actuary requires a lot of sacrifice but it is totally worth it. For students who enjoy maths, the profession is really promising!

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Heriot-Watt University Careers Fair 2011

It’s well documented that the GAAPS team Travel Well; just like the Actuarial profession itself!

And it’s fair to say that we often favour the warmer climates of the mediataranian, the hustle and bustle of the Far East, the Surf of Australasia; or cities steeped in history; which is why once a year we are only too happy to host the Heriot Watt Actuarial careers fair in Edinburgh.

Now scoff as you may, it may not have the surf of Sydney but we choose our travels destinations carefully; and Edinburgh is NO exception!

Two fabulous days were spent flitting around this wonderful city on foot; sampling the gastronomic delights of La Partenopes delicious home made desserts, stodgy dumplings and excellent wines by evening, and by day we couldn’t resist sampling the scrumptious cakes at Urban Angel.

I’d like to point out that all this eating was in the name of client entertainment; and as for the flitting around the wonderful city on foot; well, we cat be seen to recommend new employer locations to our candidates without actually having bothered to check out the areas for ourselves can we now; so feel free to email us if you need advise on cafe’s, bars, restaurants and oh the odd retail store 😉

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Bangkok for Actuaries

Following a very easy flight where I slept most of the way and only woke up to be served delicious ice-cream, I am now in Bangkok.

For actuaries the way of life here is very desirable. The basic salaries sound low especially after tax, but they are more than adequate to live a comfortable ex-pat lifestyle.

The cost of living here is extremely low. e.g. a half hour taxi ride that in London costs an arm and a leg here is less than £2. Certain things are expensive eg. one scoop of Haagen Das ice-cream that I bought from a department store cost approximately  double my taxi fare back to the hotel.

If any actuaries want further information about lifestyle or work in Bangkok they should either register or update their registration on the GAAPS website or contact me by phone (020 7397 6200) after my return to the UK on 2nd of August.

Company Visits and Actuary Jobs in Singapore

Jason has stopped over in Singapore on his way to join Tony at GAAPS PTY Australia.

He’s taking advantage of the stopover for a number of company visits so let us know if you are looking for an actuary job in Singapore or an actuary job in Asia.

Brussels: Night of Actuaries 2010

Last Friday morning, Eurostar brought me from London St Pancras to Brussels, the heart of Europe, renowned for its delicious chocolates, beer, and waffles. Getting off the train, I found every sign post was in French,  Dutch or German. How can I do?! No worries! The people here are friendly and welcoming, who are easy to converse with in English as well.

After a short nap in hotel, I was fresh as a daisy.Yeah! It was time to attend the Night of Actuaries! Taking a shower, shining my shoes. Ready? Here we go!

In the event, I met many European actuaries. We talked about the implementation of Solvency II, the emerging of Asia market, the culture of China… In the meanwhile, they were quite happy to be the “business card” of Brussels- What is the best beer? Where is the best tourist destination, etc. Actuary became a city marketer:)Also, I felt myself being the most welcomed guest in the night.

The next two days, I took it as a great opportunity to discover the city. Grand palace, Coudenburg, Mini Europe, Atomium, etc, I was not only impressed by all these popular attractions, fabulous architectures, but also appreciated Brussels’ great spirit and unique humour!

Rosebank: Time to Shop

Wanda and Geraldine went to Rosebank, another district with hotels, shops, businesses and housing to do some shopping.  They have a famous Sunday morning market, selling African ware, clothes, food, flee market. Took opportunity to buy gifts: African jewellery and glassware.  It was very busy and outside, lots going on with steel drum band playing and big area of restaurants and bars.

Geraldine went out for dinner with some local actuaries.

Actuaries, or Calvin Klein Models?

Geraldine relaxed in the hotel resting in the sunshine by pool.  The temperature was 27/28 degrees at the weekend, an improvement on when we first arrived.

The finals for the Calvin Klein underwear model competition were being held at the department store next to the hotel.  Wanda just happened to be passing by when the 10 finalists were in the window posing in their underwear so had to take a photo….

Wanda went to a game reserve about an hours drive away from hotel.  Saw a variety of wild life: White lions, Cheetahs, Wild dogs, wildebeasts, wart hogs, water buffalo, zebra, hippos, Ostrich, springbok etc. They also had an area with baby animals and there was an opportunity to cuddle the lion cubs.