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The Big Day

The careers fair was very successful, with the biggest turn out ever for students and companies. Read more about the careers fair at the GAAPS Blog.

After careers fair we went to Melrose Arch to stay at the Protea Fire and Ice hotel. Melrose Arch is a vibrant area of bars, piazzas, shopping and hotels.  The hotel was built especially for the world cup visitors and is a boutique style, 5 star hotel.  We much preferred the area and hotel and the food was excellent.

Actuaries Wanted for South Africa

Breakfast meeting at 7:30am in the hotel – we met with a Senior Consultant who might be joining us to head up our operations in South Africa.

2:30 pm – Client visit.  Looking for a consultant with reinsurance experience, they have promised to send us a detailed job description ASAP.

4:00pm Another client visit. This time we picked up several vacancies for qualified actuaries and experienced PTQs.

Actuaries: We Want Your News and Travel Stories

We are expanding the Travel GAAPS blog to include YOU. If you would like the world to know about your non-actuarial news then let us know.

Are you performing in a show?
Are you competing in a sports competition?
Have you traveled to any actuarial events or conferences?

If you are an actuary and you have any news that you would like us to post on the Travel GAAPS blog then please contact hkaye@gaaps.com.

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Actuarial Hikes

trek photo

At Travel GAAPS we are always in search of actuaries in extreme locations. I spent the bank holiday weekend hiking in the Peak District.

Somewhat surprisingly, I did not come across the head offices of any major insurance companies whilst trekking along the Pennine Way.

It seems that actuarial vacancies are concentrated in financial centres such as London, Paris and New York, rather than on mountain-tops populated primarily by sheep.

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Actuarial Yoga


Our current advert invites you to register with us for more challenging positions. There are two types of these available: for actuarial positions register at www.gaaps.com where a wide variety of actuarial opportunities are available.

If you want more advice on being bendy then we reccomend the Everything Yoga blog which offers these tips for staying happy and comfortable when travelling.

  • Hydrating
  • Packing my bag full of goodies that bring me pleasure — books, aromatherapy, healthy snacks, a comfy wrap, my iPod, etc.
  • Leaving for the airport with plenty of time to spare — I don’t mind getting to the airport early. I simply use the time to catch up on reading or thanks to my nifty phone, I catch up on email.
  • Stretch — take breaks in the airport and on the plane to stretch. Seated stretches on the airplane are my favorite!
  • Smile and be open — I’ve met some wonderful folks during flights and at airports.
  • Keeping it simple — I pack light and I plan my travel outfit according to the airport security restrictions (I wear little jewlery and slip on shoes)

We hope that these tips help to ensure that actuaries as well as Actuarial Skills Travel Well.

If you are interested in navigating the actuarial world then please get in touch and register for international vacancies.

Bright Lights and Mountains

Cape Town, or the “Mother City”, as it is more affectionately known, is a place where old and new converge – in history, architecture, culture and people.

Cape Town

The city is dominated by Table Mountain, and is on the edge of a peninsula – with mountains, valleys and rivers, and the meeting place of two oceans – the Indian and Atlantic. It is a city of contrast and immense natural beauty, where the pace and bright lights of an urban centre meet the relaxed feel of the ocean, forests and mountains. Cape Town is firmly positioned on the international map and offers a myriad of things to do and places to see, whatever your tastes, inclinations or budget. In essence, it is a gateway to the rest of Southern Africa.

Cape Town - Sea

As the oldest city in South Africa, Cape Town has a cultural heritage spanning more than 300 years. It also has the top five national attractions in South Africa – Table Mountain, the V&A Waterfront (which is a superb shopping and holiday experience on a working harbour), Robben Island (where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated), the Cape Town Wine Routes (having some of the world´s best wine farms), and the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens (on the slopes of Table Mountain).

In terms of business, most companies operate head office functions from Johannesburg (the real economic hub of Southern Africa), with Cape Town as a secondary office location. Cape Town has a very much more relaxed feel than the frenetic pace of Johannesburg, and is preferred by many people for this reason. I visited Cape Town while I was in South Africa for our annual actuarial careers fair at the University of Pretoria, one of South Africa’s leading universities, located in South Africa’s capital city, a half hour drive from Johannesburg.

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Italian Insurance

On a recent visit to Italy I found that you can often tell that you are approaching the city centre by the sudden saturation of insurance companies.

Italy does not have skyscraper financial districts so when insurance companies clump together, their presence is clearly visible from street level. In some cities they are scattered in and amongst the historical buildings and museums.

In Torino a number of insurance companies are to be found in Piazza Solferino alongside Teatro Alfieri. In the winter there is a free, open air ice rink in the middle of the square and the atrium, built for the winter Olympics in 2006, is used year round to host exhibitions.

Padova also has a small cluster of insurance companies, you can see them when strolling from the sumptuous open air market back towards the train station.

In Florence, Generali’s building is directly opposite the Palazzo Reale in the heart of the historical centre, their carved, Venetian lion standing proud of the wall.

By contrast, Verona’s insurance companies are all outside of the historic centre. The building is modern and even Generali have used illuminated signage rather than carving their stone lion.



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