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Looking for Australian Actuaries

Jason has arrived in Sydney to join Tony at GAAPS PTY Australia.

So far he has looked for actuaries on Bondi Beach,

on Sydney Bridge,

and on a cruise.

So, if you are an actuary looking for a job in Australia, check out the GAAPS website for the latest vacancies.

(And if you are an employer, please be aware that we have a comprehensive database, we don’t limit ourselves to the actuaries that we find at popular tourist attractions.)

Company Visits and Actuary Jobs in Singapore

Jason has stopped over in Singapore on his way to join Tony at GAAPS PTY Australia.

He’s taking advantage of the stopover for a number of company visits so let us know if you are looking for an actuary job in Singapore or an actuary job in Asia.

Competition: Win a Kindle 3G

Register or update you details on the GAAPS website for the chance to win a Kindle 3G.

From 1st December 2010 till 31st January 2011, all eligible entrants who register or update their details on the GAAPS website will automatically be entered into a free prize draw.

Due to the restrictions of gaming laws entry to the prize draw is limited to residents of the UK and Australia. There will be future events for international participants. If you do not live in the UK or Australia it is still worth registering so that we will be able to notify you of these events.

The competition is open to actuaries and those with ‘an actuarial connection’ over the age of 18. You will need to demonstrate your ‘actuarial connection’ when completing your registration.

Entry is subject to the full terms and conditions. There will be two separate prize draws, one for UK residents and one for Australia residents.

Download the full terms and Conditions (UK).
Download the full terms and conditions (Australia).
Click here to register.

Dust Storms across Australian East Coast


Yesterday both Brisbane and Sydney were affected by a dust storm that swept across the Eastern coast of Australia (over 1000km of coastline affected).

Caused by gale force winds from the west, blowing the dust from drought stricken Northern Territory over a large part of the east coast, it measured at seven times that of a “severe” dust storm.

The Australian Insurance Council are looking at setting up a task force as the cost/economic impact of the storm is likely to run into the 10’s of millions of dollars.

It was an ugly day, it looked like Armageddon!!

That said, if you love dust then register for actuarial jobs in Australia or download our Top Tips for Australia.

Sydney in Spring (post meltdown)

Having our regional office in Brisbane gives me the much loved excuse to travel, and more often than not, Sydney is the destination.

It’s now Spring in Australia with the new financial year well underway, many of my clients are in budget mode. It never ceases to amaze me how many will still find the time to catch up for at least a coffee for the overview of the market. On this occasion I could only afford 4 days out of the office, but when averaging 8 – 9 meetings a day, your caffeine levels can go through the roof.

With Australia’s unemployment rate remaining steady at 5.8%, and positive sounds from the Asian and US economies, there is definitely positive sentiment in the air about the improving global economy. This seems to have many of our clients thawing out their recruitment freezes from September 08, and bringing a mixture of new and replacement roles to the table. Given Australia dodged the global trend of “mass redundancies” in the actuarial space, there is definitely more heat placed on the demand for the actuarial skill set.

With many wage freeze policies put in place at the end of 2009, there is also heat coming from the talent pool. Many young actuaries are beginning to look actively again at external opportunities to progress their careers as they are finding that staff turnover + recruitment freeze = increased workload, without increased salary compensation. And if this Spring time visit to Sydney has taught me one thing, it’s that the job market in Australia this summer may be very hot.

Register for Actuarial Jobs in Australia

Simply Singapore

Singapore is without a doubt one of the easiest, and most comfortable cities in Asia to navigate and network, making it a breeze for even the most heavily booked business trips. With Changi Airport being only a 6.5 hour flight from Australia, 3.5 hours from Hong Kong, and 12.5 from Heathrow, you’ve only just got time to learn (and sometimes forget) the name of your new found aeroplane companions.

On my recent trip to Singapore, I was reminded of just how pain free business travel can be when the city your visiting is geared for international business. With more and more multinational insurance companies building their regional offices in Singapore, the city state has made every effort to fully embrace the steady influx of Western investment over the years. With a highly efficient underground system “The MRT”, and clean taxi’s at every corner, navigating your way around the city is a simple pursuit.

With every tour of Singapore there are always a few actuaries up for a few drinks at Boat and Clarke Quay. As two of Singapore’s well patronised night-life spots, Boat and Clarke Quay opt as an excellent way to meet and mingle amongst the city’s professional workforce. On this particular Thursday night, Clarke Quay is so busy that finding a spare table becomes a bit of a mission, and we comically question “Recession? What Recession?”. Its a sentiment shared throughout. Whilst Singapore’s economy has no doubt seen better days, there is a sense of resilience in the market with a focus to the future.

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