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Flying Interviews

Usually, when I go on client-candidate visit, I try to turn it into a long weekend so that I can get a feel for the environment and to have an element of enjoyment. At the moment, we are so busy that I could only afford a day’s time.

I went to Madrid to conduct two candidate interviews. It seems incredible that it takes a whole day to do what was essentially three hours work but there is no substitute for a face-to-face meeting.

As we met at the nearest Regus offices – only twenty minutes from the airport – the only thing that I can really tell you about Spain is to describe Madrid Airport.


The airport is absolutely enormous and it takes a long time to walk from the entrance to whichever terminal you require, whilst taking in the unusual architecture. There are lots of shops but, unusually for me, I could not find anything that I wanted to buy. The day however, was worthwhile as I met with two excellent candidates.


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Shoes, Pensions, Manchester and Leeds

I went to Manchester for a morning of back-to-back meetings with clients and then followed it by catching up on the shopping that we missed in Dublin. At Selfridges I bought a beautiful pair of sandals at half price – adding to my enjoyment. Then back to the hotel to finish packing before catching the train to Leeds for The Actuarial Profession’s 2009 Pensions Conference at which I presented a workshop on “The Future of the Pensions Actuary” and generated a lively debate from the actuaries present.

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