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Paris Paris

As the only recruiter sponsoring ‘La Nuit des Actuaires,’ GAAPS were proud and privileged to attend the gala on Saturday 28th April.  At the lovely location of Le Pavillion Dauphine, it was the sixth year of the event, and it’s not hard to see why this is now a fixed date in everyone’s diary.

As a sponsor, we were invited to enjoy a pre-event buffet with Presidents of Actuarial Institutes, committee members and other sponsors.  There were introductions and speeches from Vincent Meister, President of the Kactu’z Association, President of the Institute of French Actuaries Thomas Behar and the guest speaker Julian Oliver, President of Institute of Spanish Actuaries.

The evening was later then opened to the rest of the French actuarial institute and guests.  There were different attractions in each different room including a candy room, (with all the sweets you can dream of), a massage parlour (which was a heaven sent to all us ladies in heels); a dancefloor once the heels had had their rest and a live jazz band to name but a few!

The pavilion was filled with actuaries from all the organisations and from all the levels.   Everyone seemed to have a blast – we definitely did and we’re already looking forward to next year!

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La Nuit des Actuaires – Party in Paris

Each year, the Kactu’z Association, a not-for-profit organisation established in 2003, hosts an event designed to assemble all members of the French Actuarial Profession in Paris.

Membership of the Kactu’z association includes actuaries at every stage of their career; from young professionals and students of all through to those in the most senior positions. The aim of the evening is to bring together all levels of the actuarial movement in a warm and festive atmosphere.

The yearly event is attracting an ever-growing number of professionals and the next one will take place on Saturday 28th March 2009 from 20:00 – 05:00, in the prestigious west Parisian hall: Le Pavillon Dauphine.

The night begins with a cocktail reception for sponsors of the night and their guests from 20:00 to 22:00, followed by an exciting evening with several halls offering different festivities, shows, presentations and animations.

Don’t miss out on the Night of Actuaries and the opportunity to connect with a large part of the actuarial world and promote the image of your company whilst attending a spectacular gala.

This year, Kactu’Z is focusing on the interaction between sponsors and 3rd year actuarial students by means of:

  • A mailing list in order to facilitate contact with the actuarial students
  • A distinction made between sponsors and students during the cocktail reception.

Sophie Sicard, European consultant, leading GAAPS France, recognises the success and importance of last year’s event:

“It was a perfectly successful evening, both by the choice of the premises as well as the animations, but also by the immense possibility to meet actuaries at all levels. For example, I had the pleasure to exchange a few words with Prof. Carla Angela, president of the Italian Institute of Actuaries, guest of honour for that evening.”

GAAPS Actuarial is proud to be associated with the Parisian event as the only sponsor representing the field of specialised actuarial recruitment. On the night, Sophie will be joined by Lance Randles and Sima Varsani, GAAPS consultants based in London, who will be available to all throughout the night.

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Day Trip to Paris

On Monday, 15 November 1999, I was lucky enough to have a day in Paris – including Eurostar both ways and a lunch as only the French can provide.  Glasses bubbling over with very best vintage champagne heralded a superb four-course meal.  There was only one slight snag.  I had to sing for my supper, or should I say lunch, by giving a presentation to members of the Fédération Francaise des Actuaires.  The venue was a large dining room in the head office of a well-known merchant-bank right in the heart of the city.  Jean Berthon, Vice President Executif of the Fédération, was in the chair.

My theme was the employment market for actuaries in the UK.  The interest shown by the audience – confirmed by the range and depth of their questions and the rapturous reception afterwards – came as quite a surprise.  It became very clear to me that our nearest Continental neighbours think very highly of UK qualified actuaries.  Demand for our services is high, but with one proviso – command of the French language, including business and technical terms, is a must.

It was a day of coincidences too.  On the outward Eurostar I sat next to the actuarial director of a UK merchant bank.  Both of us had planned to work on the train.  Neither of us did!  Then, at the actual presentation, I found that the actuary designated to translate technical terms into French was one I had actually placed in his job in Paris.  The audience was highly amused.  Monday, 15 November 1999 – definitely a day to remember.

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