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Italian Insurance

On a recent visit to Italy I found that you can often tell that you are approaching the city centre by the sudden saturation of insurance companies.

Italy does not have skyscraper financial districts so when insurance companies clump together, their presence is clearly visible from street level. In some cities they are scattered in and amongst the historical buildings and museums.

In Torino a number of insurance companies are to be found in Piazza Solferino alongside Teatro Alfieri. In the winter there is a free, open air ice rink in the middle of the square and the atrium, built for the winter Olympics in 2006, is used year round to host exhibitions.

Padova also has a small cluster of insurance companies, you can see them when strolling from the sumptuous open air market back towards the train station.

In Florence, Generali’s building is directly opposite the Palazzo Reale in the heart of the historical centre, their carved, Venetian lion standing proud of the wall.

By contrast, Verona’s insurance companies are all outside of the historic centre. The building is modern and even Generali have used illuminated signage rather than carving their stone lion.



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