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Bangkok for Actuaries

Following a very easy flight where I slept most of the way and only woke up to be served delicious ice-cream, I am now in Bangkok.

For actuaries the way of life here is very desirable. The basic salaries sound low especially after tax, but they are more than adequate to live a comfortable ex-pat lifestyle.

The cost of living here is extremely low. e.g. a half hour taxi ride that in London costs an arm and a leg here is less than £2. Certain things are expensive eg. one scoop of Haagen Das ice-cream that I bought from a department store cost approximately  double my taxi fare back to the hotel.

If any actuaries want further information about lifestyle or work in Bangkok they should either register or update their registration on the GAAPS website or contact me by phone (020 7397 6200) after my return to the UK on 2nd of August.