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Actuarial Hikes

trek photo

At Travel GAAPS we are always in search of actuaries in extreme locations. I spent the bank holiday weekend hiking in the Peak District.

Somewhat surprisingly, I did not come across the head offices of any major insurance companies whilst trekking along the Pennine Way.

It seems that actuarial vacancies are concentrated in financial centres such as London, Paris and New York, rather than on mountain-tops populated primarily by sheep.

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Italian Insurance

On a recent visit to Italy I found that you can often tell that you are approaching the city centre by the sudden saturation of insurance companies.

Italy does not have skyscraper financial districts so when insurance companies clump together, their presence is clearly visible from street level. In some cities they are scattered in and amongst the historical buildings and museums.

In Torino a number of insurance companies are to be found in Piazza Solferino alongside Teatro Alfieri. In the winter there is a free, open air ice rink in the middle of the square and the atrium, built for the winter Olympics in 2006, is used year round to host exhibitions.

Padova also has a small cluster of insurance companies, you can see them when strolling from the sumptuous open air market back towards the train station.

In Florence, Generali’s building is directly opposite the Palazzo Reale in the heart of the historical centre, their carved, Venetian lion standing proud of the wall.

By contrast, Verona’s insurance companies are all outside of the historic centre. The building is modern and even Generali have used illuminated signage rather than carving their stone lion.



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Simply Singapore

Singapore is without a doubt one of the easiest, and most comfortable cities in Asia to navigate and network, making it a breeze for even the most heavily booked business trips. With Changi Airport being only a 6.5 hour flight from Australia, 3.5 hours from Hong Kong, and 12.5 from Heathrow, you’ve only just got time to learn (and sometimes forget) the name of your new found aeroplane companions.

On my recent trip to Singapore, I was reminded of just how pain free business travel can be when the city your visiting is geared for international business. With more and more multinational insurance companies building their regional offices in Singapore, the city state has made every effort to fully embrace the steady influx of Western investment over the years. With a highly efficient underground system “The MRT”, and clean taxi’s at every corner, navigating your way around the city is a simple pursuit.

With every tour of Singapore there are always a few actuaries up for a few drinks at Boat and Clarke Quay. As two of Singapore’s well patronised night-life spots, Boat and Clarke Quay opt as an excellent way to meet and mingle amongst the city’s professional workforce. On this particular Thursday night, Clarke Quay is so busy that finding a spare table becomes a bit of a mission, and we comically question “Recession? What Recession?”. Its a sentiment shared throughout. Whilst Singapore’s economy has no doubt seen better days, there is a sense of resilience in the market with a focus to the future.

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Maths, Sun, Sea and Sand

Although Actuarial Skills Travel Well, actuaries need to be able to find us on the web. Geraldine and Hannah went to visit a search engine optimisation company in Tel Aviv to discuss improvements to the GAAPS website – watch this space, we will be launching a new website in the near future.

Tel Aviv is an amazing city and many of its insurance companies are just a short distance from the beach so if the combination of maths, sun, sea and sand is what you are searching for, Tel Aviv is the place to be.

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